How We Produce ?

  • Design, Graphic Cliche Stage

    Our design team starts to work primarily for product demands from our customers. Our young and innovative team prepares and presents a study that integrates the basic principles of graphic design, balance, emphasis, movement, image, ratio, proximity, rhythm elements in a holistic way. The approved design is delivered to the plate section. In the plate section where the most advanced machinery and equipment is used, plate production is completed using only DUPONT® materials under the supervision of expert personnel.

  • Extrusion

    In accordance with the work done in the cliché section, the first phase of the flexible packaging, the extrusion phase, is started. The raw material in the form of granules is melted with high temperature and turned into desired material in various sizes and thicknesses according to usage properties.

  • Printing Phas

    With the flexo printing technology we use, the transfer of the design to the bag in the form of bobbins is done by the cliches placed on the cylinders. In our printing department, which has 10 color flexo printing machine, lamination is applied to products in contact with food and liquid.

  • Slicing and Sizing

    After the printing phase is finished, the product is put into rest as long as required by its chemical structure and processed in fully automatic machines with static energy prevention function in both rolls and sheets. First, sizing is done in such a way that the sensitivity is measured in microns, and then the products that have undergone opening and pasting operations are made ready for packaging.

  • Packing and Shipping

    The products are packaged in accordance with the numbers given in the order confirmation form and placed according to the requested pallet type and wrapped in strech winding machines in such a way that the contact from external factors is cut and shipped to the destination in Turkey or abroad.